Lean into Resistance (Release)

There are many changes coming into our lives at this time. This can cause many things to come to the surface that we perhaps thought we were done with or had already released. As a result we feel discomfort and turbulence. Our life, for a moment, may seem to be in disarray. We are being [...]

Allowing the Free Flow of Divine Guidance

Allowing the Free Flow of Divine Guidance

I allowed the free flow of divine guidance and was provided with what I needed. I went for a walk with the dog. We ended up at the park and he found a place to lay down. My mind said “really!”, but my body wanted to do the same. So I listened to my body; [...]

September Energies and Mission

Ahhh ... September You have arrived, and with you has come a time of change, shedding and renewal. What would you like for me to know September? What have you in store for us this month? Change. Release. Manifestation. Responsibility. Self Mastery. September's energies are very strong and this means that it is a month [...]