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Patience. We Are Setting Up For Success. We Are Preparing For The Long Haul.

The Queen of Autumn and the Four of Wands.

They ask us to find harmony and balance. To make plans for the long term. We have made decisions and commitments and we must see them through. Continue reading “Patience. We Are Setting Up For Success. We Are Preparing For The Long Haul.”

Manifesting With Nora Truscello

Today marks a week since starting the challenge and I would like to share with you, all the amazing gifts I have received from God and Universe this week so far. Including joining Nora Truscello and Christine Gurganus for a live show on manifestation. Continue reading “Manifesting With Nora Truscello”

The Cards’ Take On Manifestation

One should be present. In the that moment, we should feel happiness and joy with the life we are capable of leading. We should look at all that we have accomplished and feel deeply contented. Continue reading “The Cards’ Take On Manifestation”

Balance, Gratitude, Abundance

“You are supplied for today and all of your tomorrows”

Whenever I pull this card I am reminded of the limitless abundance that is available to us all. I am reminded to strive for balance. To give freely of myself and to be equally receptive. Continue reading “Balance, Gratitude, Abundance”

Expose The Fear


As I’ve said before, fear is an opportunity for inner growth.

Each encounter with fear brings us to a moment in our reality where we can decide whether to make a shift and get to know that fear, or repress it once again.  Continue reading “Expose The Fear”